Reinforced for tough applications: AlfaNova™ stainless steel heat exchangers

With the AlfaNova™, Alfa Laval produces the world’s only fully stainless steel plate heat exchanger. This is perfectly suited to applications in district heating systems and is designed to cope with the harsh conditions found in these environments.

In district heating systems, plate heat exchangers are exposed to permanently high temperatures, high pressures and frequently changing loads. These extreme conditions require special technology. Alfa Laval recognised this need early on and developed the fully stainless steel AlfaNova plate heat exchanger for this market segment.

A product concept involving no non-ferrous metals

Unlike copper or nickel-soldered models, the AlfaNova is entirely free of non-ferrous metals, making it almost perfect for use in district heating setups, where non-ferrous metals are not permitted due to the corrosive water and thermal loads.

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Welding with patented AlfaFusion technology

The innovative plate heat exchanger consists of welded stainless steel plates, a frame plate and a pressure plate. Patented AlfaFusion technology is used to connect the heat exchanger plates; this is a unique process developed by Alfa Laval, more similar to welding that soldering. The two stainless steel components are fused between the welded plates, resulting in a fixed, crystalline fusion zone. This makes the plate heat exchanger fully corrosion resistant and significantly more resistant to mechanical and thermal fatigue than heat exchangers made using conventional technologies.

Resistant and compact

Thanks to its high mechanical resilience and sealless construction, the compact AlfaNova is the first choice for demanding applications in district heating systems and other industrial areas. It can tolerate temperatures from -196°C to +550°C and can achieve temperature approaches of up to 1 to 2 Kelvin.

The AlfaNova stainless steel heat exchanger is significantly more efficient than conventional devices and requires only a fraction of the floor space required by a comparable tube bundle or spiral pipe heat exchanger. This considerably reduced investment costs. The heat exchange is also available in various sizes. Bachofen will provide you with support in assessing which model is suitable for your application and, for most products, will guarantee quick delivery directly from the factory warehouse.


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