It’s not worth getting mad: measurement is better

Compressed air costs money, as fast-running compressors consume expensive energy. It is therefore not just annoying when compressed air disappears into thin air but also costly in the long term. The compressed-air measuring device LDN 1000 by EGE detects minimal losses and makes it possible to control the entire compressed-air system with minimum cost.

The compressed-air measuring device by our technology partner EGE-Elektronik GmbH measures compressed-air consumption, flow rate and temperature with the highest level of accuracy and acts as a detection device and control centre at the same time.

Detecting even the smallest leaks

As a detection device, it has the capability of detecting even the smallest leaks in compressed-air systems with large dimensions. This helps the plant operator to locate leaks and remedy these. The device also shows which compressed-air volumes are drawn off by individual work stations or departments. In this way, compressed-air consumption can be suitably divided up and assigned to the different cost centres proportionally.

Optimisation of compressed-air consumption

The LDN 1000 compressed-air measuring device is also meticulous when used as a control centre. With smart functions such as calculating total usage, dosage, temperature measurement, hysteresis and off-delay, the operation of the entire system is based around efficiency and carrying out comprehensive inspections. In the display, a sensor shows the compressed-air consumption of the connected areas, plant parts or tools.

Druckluftmengmesser EGE

Simple parameterisation on a PC or laptop

In addition to the front sensor buttons, the LDN 1000 is equipped with an IO-Link interface. Users can select the measurements directly using the PLC and parameterise the device with ease on their PC or laptop. Manipulation detection is available as an option for each non-resettable modification counter. It is also possible to adapt the scope of operation for various user groups.

Tolerance = 1% of the measurement range value at most

The device that should be used depends on the pipe diameter. Another factor is the minimum and maximum flow quantity. This can be between 0.04 Nm3/h and 750 Nm3/h. The maximum deviation is never more than 1% of the measurement-range end value in either variant. With Bachofen, the choice to make is a breeze. Simply let us know the benchmarks and we will calculate and determine the optimum measurement method for you.


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Alexander Burgherr
Product manager