Integrated inline in the process: Moisture measurement with Liebherr sensors

Traditional methods of moisture measurement may be justified in non-automated processes. However, these are rarely suited to use on production lines. Liebherr moisture sensors are very different. These function using the indirect measurement method and can be installed inline in production. It cannot be more efficient. 

Offline moisture measurement has definitely had its day in industrial production. It is time consuming and requires trained personnel and expensive equipment which has to be regularly calibrated. At a time when process efficiency is one of the top priorities for manufacturers of food, chemical and pharmaceutical products, end-to-end process automation – including controls such as moisture measurement – is essential for survival. 

A multi-layered requirement profile for sensor technology

Rapid recording of process data and its immediate processing are required. Outliers need to be detected immediately so that a rapid response is possible. When evaluating suitable sensors, there’s also a focus on a whole range of other properties. These include precision, sturdy design and durability. Environmental influences also play a key role, for example contamination, dust, ATEX directives, temperature, changing materials and many more. The materialisation of the sensors must be also compatible with the product. 

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Liebherr moisture sensors meet all requirements

The Liebherr technology company has moisture sensors to satisfy all the requirements of the most demanding of users. They enable indirect measurement of moisture based on capacitance determination in a high-frequency stray field. This method uses the different dielectric constants, i.e. the permittivity of water and a wide range of different materials. These can be solids or liquids. 

Intelligent and unbeatably robust

The moisture sensors from Liebherr, the Bachofen technology partner, are fully reproducible. The built-in microprocessor eliminates the need to recalibrate additional sensors installed at a later point. Thanks to a large number of interfaces, moisture measurement can be integrated easily into almost any process control system or any controller. The maximum and minimum limit values can be defined when programming and, if exceeded, these are passed on via I/O cards or communication interfaces. Averaged values can be prepared in the FMS evaluation and transfer module. Liebherr moisture sensors also perform well even in harsh environments thanks to their IP68 protection rating. The surface coating of a 2 mm thick layer of zirconium oxide ceramic protects them effectively against wear. 

A strong partnership – the key to success. Liebherr’s excellent product quality combined with Bachofen’s automation expertise provide a sound basis for your business success.  


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