Tiny but mighty: the new HRG miniature roller guide from THK

A linear guide should take up minimal space but also deliver maximum performance. This contradiction inevitably leads to compromises when evaluating the options. But this is now a thing of the past: the new HRG miniature roller guide from THK satisfies both requirements perfectly. It is small, powerful and can be flexibly installed.  

Space is a rare commodity in mechanical engineering. The more complex the machine and the more demanding the application it has to fulfil, the more components are installed. Further parts are added due to digitalisation and safety requirements. The challenge for designers is to save space wherever possible. This gives them the dilemma of whether to prioritise size or performance when choosing components. This issue is particularly relevant when it comes to moving parts which take up a lot of space such as linear guides. 

Miniature roller guide with maximum performance in the tightest of spaces

THK is a specialist in motion technology and has always understood the importance of putting itself in the shoes of machine and system manufacturers and responding to their needs with innovative solutions. The latest example is the new HRG series miniature roller guides, whose rolling elements are designed as rollers. This unique design principle means they deliver excellent performance despite compact dimensions. This makes the HRG miniature roller guides ideally suited for applications where high forces are required in confined spaces. For example, in automatic pick-and-place machines or in laboratory automation. 

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End plate

End seal

Four raceways in circular arrangement for flexible mounting

Compared to linear guides of similar sizes, the new miniature roller guides from Bachofen technology partner THK have a surprisingly above-average rigidity and long service life. The concept with four raceways integrated in a circular arrangement ensures the same high load ratings in all four main directions. This has the advantage that the roller guides can be mounted on the wall, horizontally, upside down or vertically, depending on the situation. 

Suitable for a wide range of applications

There is a choice of three sizes: the HRG8 with an 8 millimetre wide rail and 16 millimetre wide block, the HRG10 with a 10 millimetre wide rail and 20 millimetre wide block, and the HRG12 with a 12 millimetre wide rail and 27 millimetre wide block. These can be combined with guide blocks of different lengths. 

With Bachofen, procurement of the new HRG series mini roller guides involves minimal effort. This is because with Bachofen, users can count on maximum support in every respect: competent technical advice, integration expertise and short delivery times. 


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