Barrier-free communication: with the HMS anybus linguist

Direct connection of building automation and factory automation often used to fail due to the different protocols. But it is now possible to bridge this issue – using Anybus gateways, which transfer information from a building control system to an industrial plant without any language problems.

The new Anybus M-bus gateways connect the worlds of building automation and factory automation. They link Modbus networks with common building automation networks, including M-Bus, BACnet or KNX. In this way, they create an open route for communication between industrial plants and building management systems.

Power, water and gas consumption data direct to the PLC

The new Anybus M-bus gateway operates as the master in the M-Bus and the server (slave) in the Modbus TCP. It decodes M-Bus data telegrams, displays live values and automatically creates a data map for Modbus TCP. Data from M-Bus slaves, such as electricity meters, heating meters, water meters and other devices, can be made available to a Modbus TCP master (client) via the gateway. Information on power, water and gas consumption is conveyed directly to the PLC system, giving the user a complete overview of the current consumption status in the SCADA system for the property. This includes the building parameters, which need to be checked separately in conventional configurations.

HMS Anybus X Gateway

Time-intensive configurations of individual devices are a thing of the past

Practical application shows that directly linking building automation and factory automation generates significant advantages. For example, users appreciate the fact that the Anybus M-bus gateway is easy to use and can be installed effortlessly. Until now, configuring an individual meter with M-bus could take several hours, but with the Anybus M-Bus gateway from HMS, this setup can be completed within 10 minutes.

Impressive communication solutions with Bachofen

By combining Anybus X gateways into their setup, users can implement their data on various other networks. Variations are also possible in the number of slaves. Contact Bachofen today to discuss solutions for your specific applications. You can rest assured that your Bachofen contact will understand your issue and speaks your language.


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