Faultless identification: Modular RFID

Automation in the chemicals and pharmaceuticals industry can only be successfully driven forward by intelligent solutions that are able to cope with this complex production environment. The answer to this challenge is RFID.

In the harsh environments of the chemicals industry characterised by aggressive media, explosive-risk areas and extensive production structures, RFID devices must fulfil special requirements. On the other hand, in the pharmaceuticals industry, they must also comply with the stringent hygiene regulations and cope with short cycle times.

Bachofen will find you the best solution – even if it is yet to be invented

Bachofen has been concerned with the automation of processes in the critical environments of the chemicals and pharmaceuticals industry for many years. Experience and expertise, combined with highly developed RFID technology, guarantee automation solutions that fully satisfy the sector- and process-specific requirements.

RFID in varied environments: from production via packaging through to logistics

RFID systems from our technology partner TURCK can be relied on under the most demanding basic conditions. It is not for nothing that plant operators in the chemicals and pharmaceuticals sector across the world rely on the RFID products of the leading specialist for plant and process automation.

RFID Turck

They include pharmaceuticals manufacturers and top-level engineering companies, as well as plant manufacturers and systems integrators. The extensive portfolio of RFID data carriers and write/read devices covers all sector-specific requirements in full.

«Complete your automation projects together with the sector specialist Bachofen.»

Roland Fuchs, Product Manager Bachofen AG