Red, yellow, green, blue, white – the machine park is always under control

The initial situation

The company used flags in seven different colours for tracking production throughout the entire machine park. This enabled the machine status to be identified. This passive and archaic form of communication was extre-mely time consuming, as the status was not visible at a glance due to the inconsistent placement. In addition, the flags had been in use for some time and were dirty, twis-ted and the colours were no longer clearly visible.

Project requirements

Bachofen's solution

The Bachofen product specialists quickly found a solution. The compact, modular traffic light system from Banner, equipped with a rotary switch, meets all these requirements. Thanks to the flexible, magnetic parallel mounting of 130 signal lamps, the 5 different coloursused for production tracking can now be seen at a glance, which reduces costs and saves time. If machines are replaced, the signal lamps can be reused simply and quickly – with no specialist knowledge required. The modern product from Banner is impressively versatile, durable and reliable and also offers the option of using an additional module to transmit the data to a central system via Banner wireless radio technology.

«We wanted a simple and modern solution. Bachofen provided us with the rightcomplete solution and delivered it quickly. We are most satisfied.»

Hervé Biedermann, Technical Building Manager- Developer

The customer

Precision is key to everyday work at Lauener. The company manufactures high-quality components for the watchmaking, medical technology, mobile telephony, aerospace, defence and automotive industries and is regarded as a key innovator in the field of microtechnology.

Technology partner